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Yixing Xinwei Leeshing Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of China Rare-Earth Holding Group. We professionally work on the research, development, production and project construction of medium-to-high grade refractory, and have already become one of the important bases that produce medium-to-high grade refractory at home. <br> <br>With many branch plants, we can produce 178 brands of refractory in 8 series. Our annual production capacity comes up to 100,000 tons. Among them, there are 60,000 tons of medium-to-high fired products, 20,000 tons of unfired products and 20,000 tons of unshaped refractory. Our enterprise has the right to import and export by ourselves. There is a good sale in Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia, the U.S.A., and other countries and regions. We also take the leadership in domestic refractory industry. <br> <br>In Haicheng, Liaoning Province, we set up a raw material base to ensure the sustainable development of the industry chain; thereby, we keep high market competitive capacity. Wherein, our raw material base mainly produces fused magnesia sand, fused magnesia-chrome sand, high purity magnesia sand and medium grade magnesia sand. The annual production capacity is 80,000 tons. <br> <br>At present, our equipment level is equal to that of international large refractory companies and the detail is shown as the following: <br>1. More than 60 high pressure presses (260T~1450T) and 24,000 ton isostatic presses <br>2. 4 ultra-high temperature tunnel furnaces, 12 high temperature nitriding furnaces, 2 high temperature shuttle kilns and other heating equipment. <br>3. Mold-making equipment, 20 various kinds of lathes, millers, planers and grinders and several heating furnaces. <br> <br>Our company researches and develops by ourselves. Developed products are applied in a great deal of fields. We specialize in manufacturing refractory materials for construction material industry (glass & cement), metallurgy industry (nonferrous & ferrous), petrochemical industry and power industry. <br> <br>We have first-class research & monitoring centers. Our enterprise is supported by domestic scientific research universities and colleges, and has obtained considerable advancement in a great deal of respects of development and application. <br> <br>In these achievements, high-grade fused re-bonded bricks and magnesia-alumina spinel bricks are recommended by China Building Material Association. Regenerators of glass melting kilns, devised all by ourselves, have got Shanghai Advanced Science and Technology Prize and National Award for Science and Technology Progress Prize. Special-shaped checkers have won the 3rd Prize of Shanghai Excellent Products. Refractory for glass kiln was rated as a key research project in National 8th Five-Year Plan. <br> <br>We have established a quality assurance system according to international requests in order to meet customers' demands of high-quality products and good after-sale services. <br> <br>Long before the end of 1999, we passed ISO9002 certification and passed ISO9001:2002 in 2002. Our company has set up an environmental management system while paying attention to quality control. We got ISO14001 certificate in 2003. We will inherit the general orientation of &quot;in line with international standards, go together with the century&quot; and follow the development trend of the global refractory industry in mind. <br> <br>Our company will be absorbed in the merger undertaking of the industry. At that time, enterprise would be a large-scale world refractory product manufacturer and supplier, at the command of mine resource, intermediate metallurgy and terminal products to provide a broad platform, on which global users could match and select quality refractory products. <br>

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Yixing Xinwei Leeshing Refractory Materials Co., Ltd.


Dapu Yang'an, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province



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MgO Brick

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