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Nothing But Your &quot;Dry Idea&quot;<br>Dot The I's and Cross The T's<br>--- -----Product Quality is Our Top Priority !<br><br>As an extroversive enterprise for 17 years, we specialized in stick umbrellas,folding umbrellas,children's and adults'umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, parasols, gift umbrellas, beach umbrellas, golf umbrellas, advertising Umbrellas and more. Our umbrellas have been keeping people dry on rainy days and cool under the hot sun.We have quite a lot of regular customers under steady and reliable cooperations for ten years, with our umbrellas supplied to their main brands.So you can count on the durability of everything we make in our ISO9001:2000-certified facilities. All of our goods sell to Europe, America, Africa, Middle & South East, Asia, etc.<br>As located in Dongyuan Industry Zone, which is near the main port-Xiamen, we have geographic advantage. Our QC inspectors,most with 17 years of experience,will check your order at every stage of production. We test each umbrella for several times, by hand and on different weather simulators, so we are sure that each piece will hold up against the worst weather conditions.Visit us online to see our wide range of heated designs. Our umbrella sample will be available for you within five days ,and delivery takes just 25 days. With a monthly output of 200,000 pieces,we are ready for your volume orders. Make an inquiry today and we'll reply within 24 hours.<br>Do trust our 17 years specialization,<br>We will give you best service.

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Zhangzhou Taiyu Umbrella Co., Ltd.


Dongyuan Industry



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Main Products:

Folding umbrellas

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