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We are an egyptian company, we produce& sell beauty& perfumery prodcuts, our company was established in cairo before 15 years. We are trying to produce simple& unique items for those who love the natural stuff, we have many kinds of essential oils, scented oils, carrier oils, we have our special designs of the oil burners, cars fragrance jars, insence sticks, hand made home& car fragrances, we are specialists in producing the spa oils, includes arom massage oils, many different treatments are available, we can make special treatments for the health clubs or even for persons. We have hand made egyptian perfume bottles, made of pyrix, plated with 18 kt gold. We have the beauty& body oils, like wheat germ oil, black seed oil, jojoba oil... Etc. We have many kinds of the famouse egyptian herbs, for beauty prposes. We have started new retail idea before two years, depends of small kiosks in the shopping malls. It worked, as the resnt value is not much& we thought we would be so much close to traffic, they can see& touch& smell our prodcurs, it was a great idea to advertise to our business with the diffuser, we let it on all the business hours, as we have a very special formula of( mixed fruits ) that attracts people from every where arround to find where does this smell comse from, we supported our advertisement with written adds, each one besides the prodcuts, so we cut it short for a customer& the sales person as well, the customers read,& the ask about more deatils. We are looking forward to meet new importers, or parteners to increase our sales world wide.

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Maadi -cairo P. O. B 59 New Maadi



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Hand made oil burners

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