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Company Profile ADR-Inc. <br>Goals and Aspirations for Turkey <br>ADR (Advanced Digital Research) is Germany's only manufacturer for fully-automated CD and DVD Dublicator. <br>The founding of the company goes back to the 70's, when Founder and also Lead Engineer Bernd Christophersen first started with the development of software and hardware as a precursor in this area of innovative engineering. In addition, Bernd Christopersen is currently the legal owner of several copyrights, trademarks, and patents regarding this operational function which gives him the obvious advantage of being the first resource for organizations. <br>After the introduction of CD and DVD as a new medium on the world market ADR started to specialize as one of the first companies to do so, and hence was one of the first manufacturer of fully-automated CD and DVD dublicators. Today, we are proud to be able to establish the role of the market leader in this segment. <br>Through the consequent approach to be innovative in Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support, we are anticipating a consistent growth in revenue and market share. One of our instruments of succes is the 5year warranty that we offer on our products that consist exclusively of high quality industrial components. <br>The meaning of digital means has been growing rapidly, which helps us move towards an bigger market share and future success. <br>Our Distribution and Support network includes Europe, Australia, Asia and Southern Africa. <br>. <br>Our customers consists of organizations from all areas such as Insurance companies, marketing firms, spiritual organizations, sound studios, software developers, and pharmaceutical companies. <br>We would like to expand our market to the Middle East as well to Ireland, U. K., Scotland and Turkey since we believe the countries has been in an economical boom in the last years and thus we see great opportunities for us to take advantage of. <br>We are currently looking for local distribution and reseller partner that have already been established in the market. <br>We look forward to meeting with any potential business partner and would like to invite you to contact us via Mr. Engin Altinova. <br>Please find attached a more detailed description of our products. <br>ADR-AG <br>


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