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Dear Sir/Madam,<br><br>I represent Latvia printing house ETRA with successful work experience in EU countries in printing. My company would like to offer you high quality printing service for low cost. In light of current economic downtown we traditionally provide competitive prices. <br><br>WE PRINT: Books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, booklets, prospects, catalogues, directories, posters, flyers, tickets, business cards, labels etc<br>WE DO: Offset printing, Perforation, Foliation, Cold and silver foil, Hot stamping, Colour separation <br>OUR SERVICE includes: printing, packaging, binding, wrapping<br>DELIVERY SERVCE: We work with leading logistic companies. <br><br>Let us calculate any of your inquiry for you could compare and evaluate prices on print.<br><br>Soon our web-site www.alise-t.com will be reconstructed for more details.<br><br>Looking forward for your reply.<br><br>Sincerely yours,<br><br>Rita Kobozeva <br>Sales Manager<br><br>ETRA Printing House<br>12 Puces Street - 6, k.1, LV-1082, LATVIA (EU)<br>Cell Ph: (+371) 2 6847096<br>www.alise-t.com


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