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ANEKA ANDALAN ASIA, is the new Star in Asia's Paper Filing Product Manufacturing. Since its establishment in Central Java, Indonesia in 2003, we have been successfully to differentiate ourselves from the competitors by focusing on Value Innovation. We manufacture high quality, value for money Paper Filing Products.<br><br>In the unstable, unpredictable, competitive and dynamic market environment, it is the survival of the best Value Provider. <br><br>Our Vision is to be a Leading World Class Paper Product Enterprise through Value Innovation. We are collaborating with our customers to find out how to create value in their products, so they could stand out from their competitors. We also keep developing new products which some of them have been patented.<br><br>Besides manufacturing to the order, we also offer and stock a broad range of Paper filing products to various Stationery products under ALINEA brand.<br><br>We continuously put our concerted utmost efforts to provide ALINEA brand with great Value Innovation for our customers through :<br>1. Premium Designs and Colors <br>2. Best Product Construction <br>3. Patented products <br>4. Consistent quality <br>5. Value for money <br>6. Market Acceptable Lead Time <br>7. One Stop Paper Product House <br> <br>To keep consistent and high quality products and to protect environment, we have been awarded a quality management certification of ISO 9001:2008 and an environmental management certification of ISO 14001:2004. So, it proves that we produce high quality products and pay more attention to the environment . <br> <br>We know that prices and services are also the important factors for your business, so accordingly, we always offer you quality products with the competitive and reasonable prices and excellent services.<br><br>Come to us to discuss how to make your products different from your competitors. To win, you must always 1 step ahead !<br><br>We listen to you, we understand you and together we make the differences.


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