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G-force electronic services ltd. Was established in march 2002, is a joint venture between lafitrade bv(subsidiary of lafico) and maltese entrepreneurs. <br> <br>G-force electronic services ltd is sales and support driven organisation, dedicated to customer service. With office premises, situated in malta and at the diplomatic centre in tripoli - libya, the companys intentions are to set up a niche in the libyan market for top branded products complimented with first class after sales support and services. <br> <br>G-force electronic services ltd. Serve the hotel industry, government departments, embassies, the oil industry and the office market in general for its standalone and interconnect able business office products. <br> <br>Currently, the servicing of photocopy and facsimile machines, telephone and computer networks, and other office related products, are the companys major business, but the intention is to build a fast growing market with quality products that fit its unique method of sales and service support capabilities. <br> <br>The company also provides a large variety of equipment and there spare parts for a wide range of office equipment including but not limited to: <br> <br>Lanier ricoh, facsimile machines, photocopiers, laser printers and scanners <br>Nec computers, laptops and file servers <br>Hyperdata, industrial& rugged computers& laptops <br>Riello, uninterruptible power supplies <br>Swb, key telephone systems <br>Tiptel, telephone systems <br>Matra, pabxs <br>Fpi, inserting machines <br>Hsm, shredders <br>Smc ; cisco ; senao ; ydi, network products <br>Diebold, atms and counting machines <br>Intracom profits, banking software <br>Other branded products <br> <br>G-force electronic services ltd also offers: <br> <br>Consultation for office equipment on turn key basis <br>Immediate delivery of equipment or supplies <br>Customer telephone support services <br>Factory trained technicians available to work hand in hand with clients <br>Product replacement in case of breakdown <br>24 hour service 7 days a week all the year round <br>Preventive maintenance and support services agreement on all equipment purchased from g-force electronic services ltd <br>Stock of original parts for equipment purchased <br>Arabic/english software development for any kind of business <br>LAN& wan, wireless or wired network installations <br> <br>G-force electronic services ltd. Offices are open from saturdays to thursdays from 0900 till 2000, however, site visits and meetings can be held at the clients convenience if and when the need arises.


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