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This is a start-up operation and will be totally dependent on getting the right investors. I have large forested area with maintained trails and birding areas as well as resting areas, provision for meals, drinks, rainbow and sunrise and sunset watching, organically grown fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs, fantastic views across foothills, valley, and mountain ranges of Panama including Amistad Bi-national Park and Volcan Baru. Five minutes from Wilson Botanical Gardens. I can create my own web pages and am a well-known photographer/writer. Solar hot water. Construction of rental apartments providing both assistance and resources to the elderly and wi-fi, educational and entertainment services. Gerontologist on premises. <br><br>Organic farm producing bamboo, bananas, pineapple, camote, cherry tomatoes, guava, guayaba, manioc, carrots, corn, beans, cilantro, chilis, wild raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc. from which we make out own organically processed jams and marmalades, soups, special diets. <br><br>Sewing cooperative of rural widows: uniforms, aprons, draperies, bedding, and other goods for the hospitality industry. <br><br>By combining locally prepared jams and jellies with sewing cooperative items we are able to supply the needs of many small inns, resorts, etc. in Costa Rica and neighboring Panama. We also plan to supply organic products in gift containers such as jars decoratively sealed. We are currently working with local bamboo artisans to combine bamboo products with candles made on the farm, jams and jellies, etc.


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