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We are a full service commodities dealer working directly with the source on the primary market and with mining companies or producers. <br>We work with actual buyers and mandates only for the various commodities we have access to. <br>As a commodities dealer, we work hard to ensure that the sellers we work with have actual supply and can enter spot deals, short term and long term contracts.<br><br><br>On the supply side, we can provide the following items from the primary market:<br><br>Crude Oil Products includes Brent Oil, Kirkuk, Suez Blend, Murban, Bonny Light, Saudi Arabia Heavy, Rebco, Volve Crude Oil and many more.<br><br>Petroleum Products includes Gasoline, D2, Jet Fuel, Oil Sand, Diesel Fuel, Lubricants, Furnace Oil and many more<br><br>Petrochemicals Products such as Acetone liquid, Feedstocks, Xylene, Benzene, Toluene, Methanol 99% and many more<br><br>Energy & Gas Products such as Refinery Gas, Butane & Propane, LNG Liquified Natural 50/50 and LPG Liquified Petrol Gas<br><br>Various Commodities such as: Palm Oil, Ethanol, Methanol, Iron Ore, Vegitable Oil, Biodiesel, Scrap Metal, Lubricants, Ores (minerals), Steel and Coils, Fertilizer, Cement and many more


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