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Dalian Huarui Heavy Industrial Special Spare Parts Co., Ltd. (SSP) is the solely-funded subsidiary to DHI-DCW Group Co., Ltd. specialized in producing modernized parts for metallurgical equipment. As the standing director of China Welding Society, China Surface Engineering Society and China Welding Association, we are well known in Chinese hard surface technology field. <br> <br>SSP is seated at the piedmont of Mt. Laotie on the coast of Bohai Sea at the southern end of Liaodong Peninsula, enjoying beautiful landscape and favorable geographic position. With our own core technology, regularized business management system and high capability of production and manufacture, our company aims to provide defect-free products and services in domestic and oversea markets. Our products are well received for their high quality and technologies of built-up welding, spray welding and supersonic spray coating have reached the higher level in China. As for the capability of production and manufacture, our company owns a modern production building of 20,000 square meters, as well as a complete set of machining machines and inspection and test facilities such as Model 200 boring machines with digital readout, NC gantry type milling machines, Model 250 NC roll turning machines and dynamic balancing machines. <br> <br>The equipment for spray welding, spray coating and built-up welding, especially, the featured stable product quality, high safety and efficiency and high level of operation automation have reached the highest level among the specialized machines in its industry in China. Our main products such as various rolls and roll tables, moulds, segments and hot rolling conveying tables have been serialized, specialized and volume-produced, and are sold to many large-scale iron & steel enterprises in China and are exported to the countries and regions such as Germany, Japan, Russia, Poland, Turkey, India, the United States and Venezuela.Our company also provide OEM service for some world-wide groups such as SMS,VAI,etc. <br> <br>Our company has our own web site. Wherever you are interested in our products, you can keep a bird's-eye view of SSP at a wide view angle in a real time manner through our online video just by visiting our web site www.sspssp.com. <br> <br>Enjoying the matured technologies, a stable market share and the first-rate team of employees, SSP is building five &quot;platforms&quot; of market, product, management, production and talent, energetically promote innovation in Technology and Management, following the example of world-famous enterprises to develop ourselves to be a world-famous enterprises and serve customers at home and abroad with our best quality products at the best price and delivery period. <br> Contact us: <br> TEL: +86-0411-86202230 <br> FAX:+86-0411-86202206


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