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About Dome Guys<br><br>When one of our geodesic domes first comes into view, you will feel a sense of wonderment and anticipation. Step inside the dome, and the experience truly feels like no other.<br><br>Dome Guys (DG) provides a variety of geodesic domes for on-site assembly worldwide. Our temporary structures are found at major events and on location for parties, festivals, weddings, and film industry events. Our top clients rely upon DG for their high-profile projects, knowing we meet deadlines and exceed expectations while adding a creative, fun dimension that is appreciated by everyone who experiences it.<br><br>We also offer a line of semi-permanent structures that are used as homes, for eco-retreats and as emergency shelters.<br><br>All Dome Guys products come with our manufacturer's guarantee and are fabricated to the highest possible standards. With structural designs produced by European engineers, DG continually searches for the best-of-breed manufacturing and installation methods to suit your desire for creative, environmentally-sensitive structures. <br><br>By adding high-resolution printing directly on the dome skin and every possible lighting design imaginable, your dome can be customized, branded, and shaped to support all the design goals for your particular event.<br><br>Dome Guys supports clientele around the globe and continue to expand both our capabilities and capacity to meet the growing interest for our products and services. In support of our customers, DG has built strong partnerships with a select group of other international companies to fulfill demand for temporary event structures. Whether in Delft or Dubai<br>or Xian, Dome Guys has the reach to deliver and build domes for any project with as little as two weeks notice for domes in-stock and only two months for fully engineered custom solutions.<br><br>Our managerial and design experience includes expertise with heavy equipment, giving your project the added benefit of structural and safety analysis as we seek the best possible solution for design and construction requirements. Additionally Dome Guys crew members receive training to become more creative and flexible in addressing your needs, while also respecting your budget. The result is a professional and safety-first approach to achieving the goals of each and every project. The first time you experience a Dome Guys project, you will feel the difference.<br><br>Dome Guys frame and skin manufacturers have both been in business for over 50 years each - both can handle the innovation of new product and high volume production. To my knowledge - No other dome company is backed by such highly qualified manufacturers. <br><br>Thanks you for your time <br>Dome Guys Owner <br>Matthew Ochoa


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