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The company LEBED GLASS is specialized in hand-made mouth blown glassware. The factory is located in the town of Novi Pazar in the Northeastern Bulgaria. <br>The company was established in 1919 as a private company. Till 1932 it had been producing mainly ceramics: red and white roof tiles and ridge-tiles. The increasing demand for such products at the local market during the 40's of the last century was the main reason for the high investments made by the owners of the company. The production facilities were expanded and modernized. The company was reorganized into a General Partnership &quot;Atanas Petrov and Brother-Kitka&quot;. During 1932 the company began the production of pottery and porcelain. In 1941 it was set up another one-for the production of mouth-blown glassware. In 1947 the company was nationalized. In 1997, after the process of privatization, the workshop for glassware was brought back to the heirs of the founder. One of the heirs-Mr. Bojan Dimov, who invested in the production, established the company &quot;Lebed Glass&quot; S. A. and made reorganization at the production facilities. Now the factory produces mouth-blown glassware. More than 90% of its production is exported in EU. Among our customers are companies from the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Germany, and Italy. The company inherited the traditions in the glassware production, offering to its clients more than 2000 items. <br>


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