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Selling in Europe!<br> <br>Lifestyle Concept Limited is an intermediary between the Chinese production and inquiries from customers in Europe.<br><br>Our knowledge of the fabrication facilities in Central China and our experience with our Chinese partners allows us to produce products for discount stores and supermarkets.<br><br>It will, if necessary, the Asian products are so altered that they meet the quality demands of our European customers.<br><br><br>The changing legal regulations are followed and in collaboration with our own and external testing laboratory monitored.<br><br>Complex tests of all components of the product to be made before the start of mass production. Therefore problematic ingredients are excluded from the beginning.<br><br>Packaging and labeling requirements must be met. At the same time, the packaging must provide for a good sell and meet the conditions of transport.<br><br>Quality control is essential for productions for us and we will check the quality itself and by third parties. We help support our Chinese partners. Finally, given our common customer needs a product that exactly meets their requirements, or better yet surpass them!<br><br>We wait for your offers!


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