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Nickomputer Taiwan, Inc. has continued to operate with the same values and corporate focus since 2000. <br>We work as a team to offer our customers the very latest in high quality computer technology at the very best prices possible with legendary customer service before, during and after the fact. <br>We settle for nothing less than exceeding our customer's expectations <br>while making their buying experience a pleasure. <br>We believe our customers are our greatest asset, we listen to their input and rely on them to share their Xtreme experience with others that they encounter in the marketplace of life. After many years of growth in this industry, we're not ashamed to remind you that cheap is not always better, and that the old saying &quot;You get what you pay for&quot; most certainly applies to electronic technology and customer service. In an era of inflated promises and limited delivery, thousands of Xtreme customers have proven that the added value of remarkable service, clear communication and brutal honesty, in everything we do, is priceless. That's why they come back to us again and again and have boosted our online reputation to an amazing level of excellence. <br>The founders of this company place a very high priority on serving Jesus Christ, leading their families, pleasing their customers, assisting the community around them and providing an awesome workplace for their employees. <br>


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