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Challenging to promissing company to make it happen when something will be desired.<br><br> Greeting<br><br>Since our establishment in 1961.<br><br>Nihon Detergent MFG.CO.,LTD. (NDMC)has been dedicated to company's development by adapting to meet the needs of the changing times and founding Nihon Soap CO.,LTD. in 1984 as its marketing arm.<br><br>Since the start of its operation,NDMC has been allocating its budget to the R&D division considering the importance of R&D. <br><br>NDMC has a own designed sulfonatin and sulphation plant. <br><br>With the latest technology brought about by R&D NDMC is continuously striving to develop high biodegradable detergents utilizing natural raw meterials in the field of household detergents which contribute to the preservation and conservation of our environment. <br><br>In addition to detergents, <br><br>Our company is developing a wide commodity from the toiletry to cosmetics. <br><br>Our company has completed ISO14001:2001. <br><br>Our company receive many private brand orders from home improvement chain,major drugstore,major supermarkets.<br><br>We are committed to executing our businesses mindful of developing new products in compliance with the environmental issues like resources-saving, reduction of factory waste and will evolve ourselves as your good partner to create more value and be more instrumental in your life.<br><br> We produce all products under the severe control of quality.


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