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We are all kind of textile chemicals Auxiliaries Manufactures Deal all kind of Industrial Chemicals. <br>Any Required Chemicals Please Contact at my e-mail & My Cell Numbers: <br>Major Chemicals: Avilable <br>Textile chemicals Auxiliaries <br>1-Desizer <br>2-Wetting Agent <br>3-DTC <br>4-Antifoam <br>5-Per-oxide Killer <br>6-Stabilizer <br>7-Dispersing & Leveling Agent <br>8-Fixing Agent <br>9-Softener (Fatty Acid) Non-ionic <br>10-Cationic Softener <br>11-PVA Emulsion <br>12-Resin Finish <br>13-Anticrease <br>14-Silicone Micro Emulsion & Elastomeric Softener <br>15-Target Epoxy (Hardner & Resin) <br>And Many More Chemicals Deals. . . . <br>If Any Required Chemicals Plz Contact At My Address: <br>


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