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Since 1998, SPIRIT INNOTECH INC. has specialized in producing high quality masking, electronic and industrial tapes at competitive prices. We offer a full range of high tech tapes which are applicable to automotive and construction painting, as well as electronic applications. Our electronic tape is designed for applying to diode, resistor, AI, connecter, LED, battery charger, PC plate, semi-conductor, SMT, speaker machine capacitor, etc. <br><br>Our head office is located in the Kaohsiung Science Park, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan. Our 21, 000 square meter plant is equipped with advanced production systems, and is capable of producing 5. 5 million square meters in quantity per month. <br><br>We are a company that stresses R& D, and focuses on client satisfaction and being market driven. Advanced R& D capacity has set us apart from our competitors. Our products have a great reputation with respect to superior product quality, based on feedback from our clients. Despite our success with high tech tape, we have been continuously working on innovating and upgrading our products. <br><br>We always place our clients needs first. Our sales department, which has expanded into local and overseas areas, provides exclusive and professional service to each client. <br><br>We are a market driven company-we manufacture our products from scratch to ensure the products consistent performance and to control the cost. Also, we aim at the global market, and we sell our products worldwide. <br><br>We believe that our favorable prices in the high tech adhesive tapes industry, our excellent product quality and our comprehensive customer service will make us your perfect partner.


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