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Largest Manufacturer of K2 Herbal Incense In USA<br><br>Let me send you a FREE Sample<br><br><br><br>Largest Manufacturer of K2 In USA....K2 Summit ULTRA & Warlock Pricing (Strongest on the Market Guarranteed!)<br><br><br>Wholesale is 50% OFF retail prices <br><br>$1900 per Kilo 10+ $1.90 a gram<br>$2200 Kilo (1000 grams) $2.20 a gram<br>$1400 pound (453 grams) $3 a Gram <br>$125 ounce unpackaged (28 grams) $4.46 per Gram<br>$19 3 gram bags (retail packaged) (retails for $$39-$59) $6.33 a gram<br>$9 a gram (retail packaged) (retails for $19-29) $9 a gram<br><br>Ask about Volume Pricing 50+Kilos<br><br>25 grams Fluff to 1 gram jw18 Ratio (BEST Ratio in the Business or FULL REFUND<br>5x Dipped/Sprayed<br>Add up to 1 kilo of FLUFF and Double your $$<br><br><br>Buy 0ver 10 kilos in 2010 and get 10% back @ End of the Year<br><br>Will not show up on drug tests<br>Sold in all Head Shops, Convenience Stores, Huka Stores and Incense Shops for $25-$35 a gram<br>We are Local<br>Strongest Aroma Out Guaranteed or Money Back<br>Not Sativa<br>No Headaches<br><br>What is K2 Herb - Incense, 100% Legal <br>K2 is a new herbal incense blend which is amazing when lighted up. <br>K2 has a distinct aroma which is very euphoric and almost mimics other illegal aromas. <br>And the best part is, it doesn't show up on drug tests because it is 100% Legal!<br><br>Welcome To The Home Of K2! <br>We are the manufacture of authentic K2 Incense products and provide the lowest prices for wholesale quantities on K2 incense blends in the United States.<br><br>Also known as: K2 Summit Ultra, k2 Standard, K2 Incense, K2 Smoke, k2 Citron! k2 herb blend, k2 smoke blend, K2 Herbal Mix, K2 Smoke Mix, K2 Blonde/ K2 Summit, K2 Smoke Blend Review, K2 Herbal Blend, K2 Spice, K2 Serenity, Warlock<br><br>Contact Brent with K2 Ultra Source @ 727-565-8775<br><br><br><br><br><br>we import and export art<br><br>we buy and sell the hottest new inventions for infomercials and tv shopping channels


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