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Sunar Group has a country-wide influence on products such as glucose, starch (food grade and industrial) , modified starch, dextrin, sunflower seed oil, corn oil, wheat flour and animal feed. And this group is also establishing a fruit plantation for apple, apricot, peach, nectar and pomegranate in 500000 m2 area. Main export countries are Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Sudan, Macedonia, Kosovo, Georgia, Algeria. <br>Sunar Misir (WWW. sunarmisir. com) which is like a locomotive firm of Sunar Group has more than 100 000 m2 area having capacity of crushing 200 000 tons per year with modern technology and with HACCP CERTIFICATE. By using the latest and modern technology, Sunar Misir generates one of the most extensive ranges of high quality products for food, paper, corrugated board, chemistry and industrial applications. Being one of the most advanced starch and starch derivatives producer in corn refining industry, Sunar Misir is producing corn starch, modified starch, dextrin, glucose syrups, fructose containing blends and also feed products. (Gluten meal, gluten feed, corn germ and corn germ meal) <br>Elita Yag (WWW. elitayag. com. tr) is a member of Sunar Group and produces edible refined oils in 80 000 m2 area. It has 150 000 tons per year sun flower seed crush capacity with extraction and 120 000 tons per year corn germ crush capacity. With its 2007-built high-tech modern plant, it has a capacity of refining 75. 000 tons per year for all kinds of edible oils. Elita currently produces sunflower oil, corn oil, canola oil in various pet and tin packagings which currently came to be known in all Turkey. <br>Another member of Sunar Group is Sunar Ozlem (WWW. sunarozlem. com) with producing animal feed and wheat flour since 1980 in Osmaniye which is neighbour city of Adana. It has 100. 000 tons per year wheat crushing capacity. <br>Sunar Groups target is offering consumers all its products that provide the highest benefit with the best price and best technology. It is the first principle to behave in a manner to protect human health and environment. <br>


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