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Overview: <br>Syrian Textile and Garment Exporters Association has been established in 2005 by prime industrialists and exporters as the first one of kind in the productive sector; which represents more than 180 major Syrian companies that involves in textiles and garments production. <br>It aims to support and develop the vital industry of garments and textiles which is well-known since hundreds of years. <br>Main objectives: <br>- To upgrade Syrian exports and explore new markets. <br>- Assists manufacturers to improve their marketing competency. <br>- To facilitate links between international importers and the association members. <br>- To establish alliances among the members. <br>- To represent and advocate the manufacturer's interests. <br>- To build up cooperation with similar regional & international associations. <br>Value of production: <br>- The variety of productions that suits the requirements of international and regional markets. <br>- Quality has been qualified and developed internationally. <br>- Capability to compete in locally, regionally & internationally. <br>- Availability of experienced and skilled workmanship. <br>- The strategic geographical location in the heart of the Middle East. <br>


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