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Tang Xian Yixin Sculpture Co., Ltd. was built in 1982. Our factory professionally produces bronze sculptures and various non-ferrous metal products, with strong technical and development capabilities. Now, we have thousands of different styles of copper products. Our factory produces about four categories: 1. Furniture, with copper alloy castings and other material surfaces, most for European culture. 2. Art Clocks, with copper materials and marble pedestals, the words on dials and quartz/mechanical digital cores are processed with porcelain firing. 3. Lamps, including desk lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and various kinds of artistic modeling of lamps. 4. Art bronze sculptures, from 39 meter high Buddha statutes to exquisite small artworks. Especially, all kinds of celebrity statues are our most important products. Meanwhile, we also have the ability to cast bronze sculptures of large size. We welcome friends from various circles to visit our factory for business cooperation.


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