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Affluent Buyers Directory

online global B2B Buyers Directory where you can access overseas Buyers/Importers Data which is nearly comprised of 1 million buyers. Global Buyer's Directory lists buyers from around the world & thereby, can reach prospective buyers & new market niche. Suppliers can promptly & effortlessly search for international Buyers as well as importers, may follow up with them & can facilitate them to confirm orders.


Far-Reaching Product Range

Suppliers from any product category can search for comprehensive purchase needs & details of buyers related to their niche from different parts of the world. Additionally, they can observe buyers on various factors to approach genuine buyers. We have different niche like Refined oils, beauty & personal care products, tea, coffee, honey, electronics, Fruits & Vegetables & many more.


Explore New Market Niche

Global Buyers’ directory is a brilliant source for exploring authentic & energetic buyers. Information contained in directory assist the companies to discover new clients for their business and perceiving their requirements in advance. These data help strengthens the business dealings and facilitate the company to know their clients well. In crucial times aspiring a quick decision, buyers’ directory often assist the traders interacting with fresh ideas leading to a flourishing business.


Productive For Small Businesses

Global Buyers Directory service is valuable option for small & medium business with limited capacities & whose quest is to grab potential customers in entice to get better ROI to establish their businesses. A minimum investment spend to fetch buyers of niche would reimburse for itself many times. If you want to access enormous buyers of your niche product or business, then you can find them with ease by free listing your company & by availing our service Global Buyers.

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