Platinum Service

Platinum Members of are entitled to procure top priority over all the registered members. Platinum Plan endow members to seize global market niche & trade intensification through our pro extensive & sophisticated trade tools in tempt to:

  • Cultivate enormous business leads
  • Boost brand visibility worldwide
  • Acquire position on search results
  • Prompt lead generation
  • Subscribe for various trade & business alerts
  • List company on dedicated b2b trade directory
  • Broadcast product to millions of registered members
  • Grab attention of latent buyers
  • Profound company’s escalation


Customizable Diversified Supplier Storefront

    Platinum members can lay hold of their own magnificent & adept website to flaunt their products. By accessing an alluring user-friendly website our members can enhance their brand exposure & recognition. Members can also customize their website as per their preferences to give them trendy appeal.

    Website Design

Business Connectivity

Platinum members can flaunt 100 products on our product storefront & can offer 20 sell offers through our ‘Top Product’ section which can be viewed by millions of buyers visiting our website leading to massive lead generations.



Flourishing Buyers’ Enquiries

Esteemed Platinum members get the first preference to get enormous buyers’ enquiries with respect to their product categories. Members can also access to various buyer enquiries offered by numerous buyers regularly through ‘Post Buying Request’ section. Hence, there are vivid prospects for them to generate immense fruitful leads.


Dedicated Key Account Manager

Platinum members are also entitled for extensive services i.e, expert guidance from dedicated key account manager for each of our valuable clients to assist them in every possible manner to select promising buyers & assess deals. They can effortlessly systematize, coordinate & harmonize their business processes through dedicated calling & e-mailing services.


Trade verification

By assessing verification, buyers can be assured while trading with credible & trustworthy suppliers. Besides, Our Authenticity would enable verified suppliers to grab immense worthy potential buyers..


Global Credit Report

Only Platinum Member can opt up to four Business Credit report on

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