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Our main aim of collecting all the non-public or public information is to produce the customer with a personalized expertise on our network sites. The set of personalized services include: customized services, interactive communication and different services, most of them are free of cost and remaining are chargeable. Business data is used to show the user's business record or product offered to buy or sell across our set of connections to attain a large amount of trade opportunities for the user.


We at Importandexports.com don't disclose private details before taking the user's permission apart from any special circumstances, like at times when the law needs it or as permissible in terms of this policy. We don't show user email addresses on marketplace to avoid email extraction by hackers. The panel of Importandexports.com may display account details in special circumstances for reasons to consider that revealing this data is important to spot, contact or bring action at law against somebody who is violating the Terms of Services or is also inflicting damage to or interfering with (either deliberately or by coincidence) rights or property, different web site users, or if website considers it necessary to take care of, service, and improve its product and services.

Collection of Information

When the client registers with us to have right to use to our services and other necessary business and private data. Whereas registering, the users are needed for his or her name, email address, business type data, residential data, and different necessary personal details. Once after registering, the member offers us the rights to publish the desired business and private data across the marketplace, trade leads, trade directories, catalogues, etc.

The advertising/promotion done by us may be sponsored by us and any other company together or by other companies alone. The information gathered by us is shared with our sponsors in completely or a few. It totally depends on the member to participate or not to participate in the promotion campaign to avoid his/her identity from being shared.

Usage data like number of unique visitors & pages viewed, browser code, screen resolution etc. is additionally gathered by the company for analysis that helps to give you improved user expertise and services.


Importandexports.com send to members regular alerts through email informing regarding the fresh product and services. Efforts are being made to make efective communication and superior competence within the marketplace, and for extra significance, pioneering business matchmaking and superior trade preferences. Importandexports use several match building tools on the marketplace which can be utilised by its users for creating relevant business contacts with one another through direct mails utilizing its own scripts in accordance with the products and services of third parties according to the reader's interest.


User/Member of the website can edit his/her account info and profile by logging on the website and/or by sending an e-mail for request to useradmin@Importandexports.com. The changes requested for updating may take up to 30days to come on-line after complete check and verification method and server cache policies.

Any account can be deleted or deactivated by the member by an easy method which will limit the other user to access forcefully any members-only space of the network. Residual data will stay among archive records of the website.


No information will be put up for sale in mass volume to 3rd party for the security against the purpose of misusing by mass selling or bulk emailing. Importandexports.com safeguards the user's personal data or business data unless & until it's permissible by the user.

Members may visit http://Importandexports.com to see present position of their contact sharing permissions.

For the aim of security, users are requested to logout of their Importandexports account & close their browser window after finishing their work. This make sure that no unfamiliar user can access their individual or business data and correspondence, particularly when sharing computer with somebody else or at a public computer place.

Importandexports takes required steps, within the constraints of business viability and requirement, to confirm that the user's data is handled with safety & security.

As it is evident that, broadcasting of the information over the net is not always 100 percent safe or secure. Therefore, we try to guard the member's private & business data, however complete safety on security can't be committed, That’s why users are warned at every step that whatever is done by them is completely done at their own risk. Once user data is uploaded in the system of the website, Importandexports makes best efforts to confirm its security in its systems. Whenever user’s personal & business data is posted on-line, that's reachable to the general public, user may receive uninvited messages/emails from different parties.