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  • Brand Name ANVretail


Place of Origin:Varanasi

Model Number: 8354913828

Product Keyword: Garment Store Software in India

Country/Region: India

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We are providing Windows based & Web Based Retail Garments Software basically design for Garment shop the most growing industries with frequently change, updates and new stocks maintain of all types of designs, colors, fabrics etc. You can self design for customers Promotions, Loyalty cards, Discounts, season end-sale, fresh arrivals which are to be arrange in a profitable standard to comes your customers and make them visit again. The Software feature included billing, accounting, request for stock, managing suppliers, analyzing buying pattern, tracking customer history, Analyzing and deploying promotion schemes, discounts, inventory, multi quantity purchases, customer engagement through SMS, email and cards, sale manager wise performance report, incentives and much more as you required.

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