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  • Brand Name SSD Chemicals


Place of Origin:United Kingdom

Model Number: 0928860

Product Keyword: ssd chemicals, black money, High Automatic p2’h800 Solution,Castrox Oxide HQ 78 Super2, TTZ Universal Solution Hyper Dual 80, Solution PK 58 Kv, Zuta S4 Super16, Mercury CL Activation Powder, Humine Powder Asin,

Country/Region: India

Detailed Description

The long awaiting black currency cleansing chemicals is finally release. Artisnov Chemical after years of research and experiment have manufactured the world awaiting deface/black currency (Notes) cleansing chemicals. Artisnov Chemicals have come with a world class chemical solutions. Chemical solutions that will give you all you need in minutes. You will be able to clean upto 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) black currency notes within minutes and still maintain the texture/quality of the currency intact. We have made currency cleansing more easier and effective with our latex chemical solutions with 100% guarantee.

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