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Place of Origin:Ukraine

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Country/Region: Ukraine

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Road-rail Shunting Vehicle MMT-2 on tractor base HTZ-150K-09-25, HTZ-17221-03, HTA-200(220) with pulling force up to 1000 tons, Standard equipment: - camera and monitor for control of staging on the railroad or passing railroad turnout; - pneumatic actuator of remote control automatic coupler opening; - superior cabin of road-rail shunting vehicle includes air conditioning, improved heating in winter time, powered windows, audio system; - engine pre-heating.Road-rail shunting vehicle has Ukrainian certificate UkrSEPRO and Russian certificate GOST R. Coupler SA-3 that is used in design of Road-rail shunting vehicle also has Ukrainian certificate UkrSEPRO and Russian certificate GOST R. (Coupler SA-3 is not converted from automatic couplers with draft gear) One of the important aspects of replacement of powerful expensive shunting locomotives by more economical vehicle is saving money. This replacement associated with cost cutting on transport services. Using of Road-rail Shunting Vehicle with combined assembly give opportunity to use these machine as on the railroad and on the track, and it increase effective time of use.

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