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Place of Origin:south korea

Model Number: 82-61-464-0161

Product Keyword: Wind Turbine

Country/Region: India

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pecification Reaction rate: Loading for every second Input range: 15rpm ~ 50rpm Output range: 190rpm ~ 210rpm Weight: Varies depending on volume (Inquire for further details) Diameter of axis: Varies depending on weight (Inquire for further details) As a gearshift that maintains consistent rotational speed in the output axis by measuring the rotation speed of the input axis in a small wind turbine, it is possible to be applied in various wind turbine systems that were previously developed. Also, it enables efficiency-enhanced power with stable quality by maintaining a certain level of rotation speed for both low and high wind speeds. Savonius Small Wind Turbine Although efficiency is slightly less impressive in general compared to the horizontal axis wind turbine, it commercialized the Savonius wind turbine that generates power under low wind speed condition without wind-blowing directions. Since it enables power generation with low wind speed and high torque, it has adequate form to use CVAC. Moreover, the application of a windshield increased the power efficiency by 45% compared to the existing vertical axis wind turbine. As such, the efficiency of the vertical axis wind turbine that is less than 3kW is recognized to be superior compared to the vertical axis wind turbines manufactured by other companies. Hot dip galvanizing Solar energy generation Wind Turbine

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