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Web site could be a plain platform for the users to get in touch for purchasing, marketing and engaging in different trade actions through modes of locating firms to trade with, through our on-line exchange.

We don't participate within the real monetary group action method between the buyers and sellers but, we are not tend to be concerned in any contract available negotiated between buyers and sellers. All dealings remain the liability of the members/users exclusively. This contract shall not be deemed to form any partnership, venture, or different joint account between Importandexports and different party.


User(s)/Member(s) means that any person or body/organization that's lawfully operating in relevant country , uses and has the right to use the services provided by Importandexports. We offer our services solely to those people or corporations who are eligible of forming lawfully binding contracts under the relevant act. Thus, Client(s) should not be a minor according to the law of relevant country; i. e. member(s) should be aged a minimum of eighteen years to be eligible to use our services.

Importandexports advises its users that whereas accessing the online website, they need to follow/abide by the connected laws. Importandexports shall not be liable for any potential consequences caused by the actions of the associated throughout use of site.


This agreement applies to user(s)/member(s) being visitors, registered account holders who could access the online website for any purpose. The contract conjointly applies to any lawful body which can be portrayed by you under real or apparent authority. User(s) could use this website alone for his or her own personal or internal functions. The contract includes the implication of all the services offered along side the terms and conditions mentioned. At any stage of a argument or disagreement between any provisions of the terms and conditions mentioned with those of the actual service, the provisions of the terms and conditions applicable to such specific services shall prevail.


Importandexports can/may change, modify, amend, or update this agreement at time intervals without any prior notification to user(s) and the reiterated terms and conditions of use shall be on an immediate effect on posting. The user/member must stop using the service if the reframed services are not accepted. Continuous use of the service by the user shall signify your acceptance of the changed terms.


Importandexports is the one and solely owner or legal licensee having all the rights to the online website and its content. Content includes its approach, plan, text, images, graphics, music, video etc. Website content may symbolize business secrets and holding rights that are confined beneath universal copyright and laws.

All rights, not otherwise claimed beneath this contract or by Importandexports.com, are kept set aside. The data contained in this website is meant for the private use of the user/member. Importandexports doesn't represent or guarantee the correctness or consistency of any info, or advertisements (collectively, the "content") enclosed on, dispersed through, or connected, downloaded or accessed from any of the services contained on the website, or the standard of any merchandise, info or different materials shown, or obtained by you as a results of an advertisement or the other info or provide in or in reference to the service.

Importandexports shall not be chargeable for any direct, indirect, incidental, disciplinary, or fundamental damages in any event and of any type, with relevance to the service, the materials and also the merchandise. User(s) of this website should with this acknowledge that any dependence upon any content shall be at their sole risk.


Third party site links are offered by website as a facility to user(s) and Importandexports shall n't have any control on these websites, which involves content and resources offered by them.

Importandexports may permit the user/members to access content, goods & services provided by third parties through hyper links which may be within the style of word link, banners, channels or otherwise. Before/while opening such links, you're warned on the terms and conditions and/or privacy policies. Importandexports believes that user/member admits that Importandexports has no control over such third party's website, doesn't keep an eye on such sites, and Importandexports shall not be accountable or responsible to anyone for such third party website, or any content, goods or services offered on such a website.


Importandexports fully holds the right to temporary or permanent termination of membership of any user for any of the subsequent reasons:

  1. If it concludes that the user(s)/member(s) have stated any wrong detail in reference to the registered user account to Importandexports, or are involved in untrustworthy or embezzled activities.
  2. The user(s)/member(s) violate any provision of the terms and conditions of use contract and/or website contract.
  3. Use website to send junk messages or frequently put out corresponding product info.
  4. Relocation of anything to members that's not associated with international trade or business cooperation.
  5. Copy or unlawfully use any other firms name to post info or do trade of any type.
  6. Any unlawful access, use, change, or managing of the web site data base, network or linked services.

Obtain by any source member's user name and/or password of the website.


Importandexports is an internet platform for the exchange of business info between buyers and suppliers of products and services. Website doesn't represent any buyer or seller in particular dealings and doesn't charge any commission for executing any transaction. Member(s)/User(s) are being warned about all the risks for doing business with any business entity stopping its product or service. Since it's difficult to make the web site cent percent fool-proof, Importandexports cannot and doesn't make sure every user(s)/member(s) alleged individuality/identity (including, without limitation, TrustSEAL Members). Importandexports pushes member(s)/user(s) to use varied tools accessible on the web site and otherwise, also a good judgment, to judge the user(s)/member(s) with whom they may wish to trade.

Users/members acknowledge that risks shall be enclosed within the business associations and dealings which may involve falsification of product and services, fake schemes, unacceptable quality, unable to satisfy terms, faulty or unsafe product, unlawful product, delay or non delivery or payment, price inaccuracy, violation of guarantee, violation of agreement and transportation accidents. All of the prior risks are henceforth said as "Transaction Risks".

User/members acknowledge that Importandexports shall not be liable for any damage, liability, costs, harms, inconvenience, business disruptions or expenditures of any kind that will occur/arise as a result of or inreference to any transaction Risks. Member(s)/ User(s) are alone liable for all of the terms and conditions of the dealings conducted as a result of use of, on or through the web site, involving, without limiting, terms relating to imbursement, proceeds, guarantees, delivery, assurance, charges, taxes, label, authorization, penalties, permits, usage, shipping and storage. At any argument with any party to a dealing, user(s)/member(s) agrees to liberate and guarantee Importandexports (and our representatives, officers, affiliates, directors and employees) from all charges, demands, actions, proceedings, expenses, everyday costs and compensation (including while not limiting any real, particular, accompanying or significant damages) with reference to or arising out of such dealing. User(s)/member(s) agree that they'll not utilise Importandexports services and/or information to send spam, chain letters or spamming or the diffusion of any illegal, troublesome, unfounded, insulting, frightening, hurtful, offensive, obscene or otherwise disagreeable material of any type or nature.


All demands or notices to or upon website shall be in effect if in writing and being created while sent to Importandexports within the following mode: to (Business Address)

All demands or notices to or upon a Member(s)\User(s) shall be in effect if either sent by courier, delivered individually, certified mail, by true copy or email to the previous correspondence, fax or email address provided by the Member(s)/User(s) to website, or by posting such demand or notice on a section of the web site that's publicly accessible and not chargeable.

Notice to a User(s) shall be thought of to be received by such User(s)/Member(s) if and when website is ready to demonstrate that communication, whether or not in physical or electronic type, has been sent to such User(s)/Member(s), or instantly upon web site's posting such notice on a area of the site that's publicly accessible for free of charge.


Importandexports regards as itself and supposed to be subject to the control solely of the Courts of Delhi, India. Terms and condition of use agreement and/ or Agreement, Privacy Policy shall be ruled by all respect by the Indian Territory laws. The parties to the Agreement herewith present to the special authority of the Delhi Courts, India.


Before becoming a member of Importandexports.com, the user must accept to all the Terms of Use mentioned above and also agree with Importandexports privacy policy and product listing policy as well. Not adhering to any of the terms shall result to transitory or permanent termination of member's account.